Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Rappy Birfday to me

Rappy Birfday to me, Rappy Birfday to me, Rappy Birfday to the best hound in the worldddddddddddddd... Rappy Birfday to me.

My humans are giving me a party later. I need to invite Trixie. My mommy human is making me special peanut butter treats and a special hound dog cake.  My human is making me pork schinzels with real piggie not that fake meatless crap she usually uses.  So I shall stalk her endlessly until she makes dinner tonight.

Oh, and this is exciting, my human is crocheting me a nice green doggie scarf for the coming winter months.  I didn't want to hurt her feelings and tell her that I have enough neck fluff to keep me warm, but it will look good in all the Christmas pictures and the Christmas cards going out this year.

My human also informed me that she is purchasing an undergarment to wear when I go outside after rain. Apparently the human thinks that my belly drags the ground and brings in too much dirty. That human is a control freak. Damn woman, THAT is why you have a vaccum cleaner.

Oh, and get this the human is looking for me some boots to wear. Ummmm, human, I am a canine also known as a dog. You are a human also known as an idiot. God made me beautiful in everyway and therefore I do not have to cover up my body. Apparently God does not feel the same way about you humans.

Not my problem. Get over yourself.