Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Well Helllllooooooo Dolly!

Did I ever tell you my Dollywood story?

Forget Miley Cyrus for a moment, she does nothing for me, thus far. Her shows, music, and movies only take away attention from me, therefore, I have no regard for her.

But let me tell ya about her Godmother, Dolly Parton!

I loves me some Dolly, errr, actually , some Doggywood at Dollywood.

It all started back in May when my humans were planning their annual trip to the mountains. Poodlemutt aka Beady eyes always gets to go to Grandmaw's. My pet labrador, Bella, heads to camp at Dr. Zs place. And I, well, I am the only reason these humans exist so therefore, I go with them.

The trip up there was not bad. While I feel like I should have been able to go into the various eating establishments, I was content to grab snacks and relieve myself at the various rest areas.  It worked to my best interest because I got lots of attention and love at those places, except by the old people who think I am going to eat their precious poodle, shitzus, or pomerainians...but I digress.

Once we arrived at our cabin, I immediately took my place upon MY bed in the Master Suite, because, I, of course, am the Master. The humans scurried to find themselves a place to sleep as well.  (Ok, I admit it, I like to cuddle with the Mama human so she and the old human got to sleep with me.)

But the highlight of the trip was my adventure to Doggywood!  I was kept in a nice, air conditioned log cabin room, complete with music playing. The ladies were just awesome. They loved on me, walked me, and let me know that I was the cutest (and only) Basset Hound they had seen...that day!

In the end, it was I, thanking Ms. Dolly Parton, for a great time.