Saturday, October 24, 2009

Rut Roh!

I done did it, now!  I am in big trouble. And here's how it went down...
2:30 am Woke human, er... I mean stupid human up to take me out. Poodle follows along.
2:45 am Came back in.
3:34 am Woke stupid human back up.
3:35am until 3:48am  Walked around outside. Stared at moon. Looked for cats, possums, etc.
3:48am Barked until human woke back up on the sofa to let me in.
4:03am  Woke stupid human again to let me back out.
4:05am Noticed stupid human was staring or should I say glaring at me so I pretended to "be busy".
4:06am Stupid human let me inside and proceeded to tell me "Good Girl".
4:07am Stupid human gets me a treat. Poodle feels she is also entitled to treat. I believe poodle is NOT entitled to treat and attempted a ghetto jump on her to obtain her treat.
4:08am Stupid Human becomes VERY angry at my aggression.
4:09am Stupid poodle receives two treats while I am banished out of the bedroom.
4:25am Wake Stupid Human up again. I am in need of expressing my anger. After all, who is she to say I cannot have ALL the treats.
4:29am  Stupid human tells me if I do not behave, I have to go in garage for the rest of the morning.
4:45am  Try to wake stupid human up again.
4:46am  Try to wake stupid human up again.
4:47-5:02am Attempt to wake Stupid Human up every minute.
5:15ish am-  Leave Stupid Human a calling card right outside her bedroom door.
5:16am Giggle my Basset ass off. How dare her not treat me like a princess!
5:30am Stupid Human wakes up to the offensive smell.
5:35am I hide.
5:45am Stupid Human is pissed!  She says some not so nice things, puts her shoes on, and leaves to go running.
6:30am Other Stupid Human wakes up!
6:35am First Stupid Human arrives home to see other Stupid Human cleaning up my statement.
6:45am First Stupid Human saturates carpet with OdoBan and Disinfectant Solution.
7:00am I am banished to garage.

Gotta go, when Stupid Human sees me blogging, she will not be happy.

More later...