Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Leave the leash, take the cannoli...

Once again, it is raining. I have no problem with rain, other than the obvious go outside and get wet when I need to "go" but seriously, no problems with rain. I do have a problem with the stupid human wanting to take me running in the rain.  First of all, rain runs mean bath when I get home. Apparently, stupid human has a problem with my underside dragging the wet grass in the yard. The "supposed" problem brings grass into the house. I have NO problem with this, but until I can evolve some opposable thumbs, and subsequently take over the world, I am at the mercy of stupid human and her nutcase obsession to maintain a cluttered house with clean carpets. Furthermore, when I am running with my human, I am not sleeping! Anyone knows that rain equals sleep in Basset language. Actually, no food or treats, no counter cruising, and not getting into the trash all equal sleep in my world, but that is for another post.

So, human wants me to do the Basset 2K this morning. I, of course, refuse! And what I mean by refuse is I park my Basset backside down and pulled a good ole fashion 1960s, hippie sit in. Dynamite could not have blown my arse up off my recliner.

She leaves!
When she returns 3weeks later, or 30 minutes (ya know us dogs don't have the time thing down), she is disappointed that I have managed to get into her unfilled cannoli shells.  Ummmm, stupid human, really you brought it upon yourself!

So word of advice to those reading. NEVER, and I mean NEVER try to force the superior thinking canine into running in the rain. Oh, and never leave the cannoli on the table.

I remain,