Friday, October 30, 2009

I ated 3 loaves of pumpkin bread

And here's how it went down...

Ok, so you know I live with two dogs, the beady eyed one and the old lab.  The old lab escapes the house on a daily basis because she has no common sense.  The beady eyed one stays under the bed most of the time. I could have something to do with this, but not really sure.

My human made 6 loaves of pumpkin bread. The house smelled like a wonderful dream. I drooled during cook time, nap time, and even when I went outside, I could still smell that delicious aroma. Human gave two of the loaves to her neighbors, Karla and Mickey. She and the little humans ATE one loaf, right in front of me, forgetting to offer up their sacrifice to me. This was stupid on their part.

Three loaves remained. Three gorgeous, juicy loaves of aroma filled pumpkin bread, just waiting for consumption. Three gorgeous, juicy loaves of aroma filled pumpkin bread, sitting all alone, wrapped in aluminium foil on the kitchen table. The only thing that separated me from those heavenly delights was one obnoxious door gate.  I hate that damn door gate.

So, this is how it went down.  Dumb lab charged the door and went outside.  Human was unfazed.  Little humans had friends over I followed them around.  Meanwhile, I had talked beady eyes into also charging the gate, unbeknowest to stupid human. I continue to play along with little humans just waiting for my opportunity.

Beady eyes gets sight of front door being opened, she changed plans on me, much to my surprise to be advantageous for me. 

Human gets call from neighbor down the street.  Neighbor is in possession of one beady eyed poodle mutt. Human leaves to pick up the beady eyed one and the old lab, both of whom are walking vicariously around the hood.  But wait, where is the Basket Hound?  Could it be I escaped with the beady eyed one?

Human takes no chances and when she arrives home, she immediately checks the backyard where I was last seen. No sign of me! She panics! She starts the mad hunt to find moi! She is upset. She is confused. She forgets something...I am very smart.

While human is stalking down beady eyes and old fart, I have made my way back into the house. That gate was no barrier to my cravings.

When human arrived home,I was there, sitting under the dining room table, enjoying the delicious temptation of that blessed pumpkin bread. I was a savage beast unleashing my rage against that aluminium foil and that squashy filled delight.

And I ated all her pumpkin bread!