Thursday, October 22, 2009

Oh good grief

I cannot believe this. The poodle is having nightmares. Seriously-nightmares!!! What in the Hades is that poodle maring about anyway? Did the Grim reaper poodle show up in her dreams? Is her luscious poodle hair tangled? Did she dream that I ate her?

Seriously stupid poodle mutt...I know you have been here 9 years longer than I. I know you are the "firstborn" as stupid human calls you. I know you have claimed the leg area of the bed and I respect that but do you really need to interrupt my sleep by getting the jimmy legs and moaning?  Where are you running in your dreams?

Now I have to watch as mom comforts you and tells you that it is ok. I have to watch her cuddle you and love you. That is precious time taken away from ME! I know your tactic, Poodle, I am well aware of your plan.

I have my droopy eyes on you! Even when I am asleep, I am watching! You will not oust me!!!

Check out the Poodle Mutt...looks all innocent, right? WRONG!