Friday, December 4, 2009

Talking it out with my human!

I gots a problem! My stupid human talks all the time. I cannot get a howl in edgewise. I try, I really do. I complain and she makes me go outside. I growl and she makes me go to my bed.  My little humans dress me like a baby and Beady Eyes and Princess Geritol have not a clue that I am really a human.  But the old man, yes the old, hairy  man of the house understands me. And here is the reason why...he is like me.  We look kinda alike, we smell kinda alike, we both have excessive hair although, he is hairer than I, and we both like beer, bacon, and BBQ. And the oldman nary speaks. It is like we are BFFs. 

Here is the problem...the old man goes back to work this week from vacation. That means I will be stuck in the house with the stupid human, the little humans, and Beady Eyes and Princess Geritol.  And to top it off, it is suppose to snow in the morning which means, I will be stuck in the house listenting to the constant chatter of female humans. But my oldman understands this and treats the way I should be treated, he just leaves me alone and lets me talk.