Monday, December 14, 2009

Santa get me some Bark and Beg Gourmet Dog Treats

I ended up on the nice list. I just know I did. For starters, its been three whole days since I refrained from grabbing the taco tray. I have left the pesky elves alone. I have not performed a no-no on the carpet in weeks. And, I have left the Christmas tree alone completely.

I just know I am on Santa's nice list..

So Santa, if you are reading this, PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE get me some Bark and Beg treats. You know I love them and here's why...

I love them because they are handmade for ME (and other dogs, but mostly me).

I love them because they use all natural ingredients. NO artificial colors. chemicals, salts, perservatives or stinky by -products, which means no nasty chicken guts or lips and ...  well, you know-it's all healthy and natural.

I love them because they use just a touch of Safflower oil. And why would I love that...well my Doctor told my human that if she wanted me to stop shedding all over her clothes, furniture, and in the car (cause you know I love a good road trip) then start placing a small bit of safflower oil over my dog food. Human loves these treats because it is perfect to give me that little extra I need to stop shedding without the hassle of stopping my feeding time to garnish it with oil.  That's right- I get the best of both worlds with these treats. And I get a beautiful smooth coat. So there, Obie!

Don't believe me...just check out my pictures.  So good, I didn't try to take off my humans fingers because I knew I might not get my treat!

Through this exclusive offer from Bark & Beg Gourmet Dog Treats through my site, you (human) can receive a 10% discount on your online order. 
Just mention code 10ABH and tell Abbie sent ya! 
Seriously, human feeders-do the right thing, treat your hounds to Bark & Beg treats.  It's where Santa Paws shops, dontchaknow!