Friday, December 25, 2009

Abbie-1 Beady Eyes-2 Booooooo!

The Beady Eyed one scored big this Christmas. Maybe because she is so old the humans feel sorry for her. Or maybe the cheap humans are not willing to pay the extra surcharge for plus size Snuggies for Bassets.  Who cares? I got a nice new Old Navy fleece blanket.

Check out Beady eyes with her shoes...

Then Beady eyes got a Snuggie too!
I scored a sweet treat and new sweater but refused to put it on.  

Humans says I am getting a spa treatment this week that will include my nails clipped and ears cleaned. I should smell nice and bassetly sweet just in time for the New Year. Overall, I had a nice Christmas.  I claimed the sofa in the name of myself while the humans acted like goof-balls and opened presents.

Hope you all had a nice Christmas.