Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Obie-The Wonder Dog aka I'm jealous of such coolness

Ok humans and hounds, do you have a relative that you get compared to all the time?  Oh, I know you do. We all do.  Example: Why can't you not shed like Betsy the poodle? Why can't you poop in a box like Little Leo kitty?  Why can't you sing like Polly the Parrot?

Well, my achilles heel is Obie! My country cousin in the glorious land known as Tennessee. 

For starters, this dog has it made. He lives on a huge farm with rolling hills.  His humans adore him, I believe even more so than my humans adore me.  He gets to rule an entire pack of cattle and when no one is looking, he can mark his territory in a split second, while gracefully displaying both charm and elegance.  Seriously, he is like the cool Marlboro man without the nicotine stained teeth.

My human loves this dog. When she returns from Tennessee she says, "Hey Abbie, why can't you chase a ball like Obie?"  (Because I am busy planning my world domination). "Hey Abbie, why can't you have smooth fur like Obie?"  (Because "Samson" has a better brush and I hate when you brush me). Or, "Hey Abbie, why can't you sit when I tell you too? (well, stupid human, I am short and stout, so when I am sitting, you cannot tell and when I am standing, you cannot tell).

But the one thing I am jealous about is this... OBIE POSES FOR PICTURES!!

Seriously, I don't know what modeling school he went to or what runway he works when he is not chasing cows but this dog poses.  I mean, he sees a camera, he strikes a pose and smiles.

OBIE-WAKE UP AND SMELL THE PURINA!!! Your humans have you trained!  Oh, you think you are the one in control but I can assure you, those humans are selling you out, buddy.  Do they hand feed you vittles? Oh, I bet if they do, you probably are so nice you don't even take off a finger or two.  And here is the rumor I hear *gasp*  you have cats in residence and you don't even try to eat them?  Good grief!

This is Obie. Check out that confidence! Check out that super smooth coat! Check out that Tim Tebowish greatness!  Oh gag!

But I must admit, he is a darn good looking canine.