Friday, November 27, 2009

That's it-I'm gone!

I'm outta here folks. First you throw out my recliner!!! Seriously a little vomit with corn and chicken and you act like big pansies about it. I would have helped you out but NOOOOO, so off with it's head, or should I say, headrest!

Second, you stuck me in the garage with Beady Eyes and Princess Geritol! The little one is annoying and I swear I hear the bones cracking in the old one. Ridiculous!

Third, you inform me that unless I sit quietly so you can watch the Iron Bowl-not the food bowl-Iron Bowl, then I either go outside or lay down and sleep. Are you kidding? Ummm, did you not see all those squirrels gathering nuts in the backyard? They need me to cheer them on or those little tree monkeys will starve to death this winter. Duh!

So forget it, I'm outta here. I'm gone! Adios! Hosta La Vista, baby! See ya later, alligator... I'm bein' like a tree and leafin! Don't try to stop me.

Seriously, I'm gone. The door ain't even hittin' me in the backside.