Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Ode to Trixie

This is a poem for my best pal, Trixie

Trixie is my best pal, she loves to play with me
We like to bark, howl, and sniff and chase cats up a tree
Her mom a Shitzu, her dad a feist a perfect blend of "it"
but her breed will always be a little fiesty-shit.

She comes to my house, watches tv and hangs out in my chair
She has this really funky fur, it almost looks like hair.
My human likes to give her treats she always hides them well,
I know exactly where they are but I will never tell.

When no one is looking, I escape and we like to sneak away,
and go into the neighbors yard and poop and then we play.
Our neighbor doesn't know it cause she never is at home
And when we get out and play, we always tend to roam.

Yes, Trixie is my bestest bud who comes right to my door,
She is funny, she is grand, a dog with so much more.
The cats fear us, the squirrels all know that we rule this hood
Our humans think that we are best, just like we think they should.