Saturday, November 14, 2009

I gotted in trouble, rut roh!

Well, apparently stupid human is not impressed with my chewing abilities. First of all, let me say this, wood taste good. That is my new motto: Wood, it's what's for snack time!   It wasn't bad enough that human refused to give me table scraps...something about obesity epidemic in hounds or was that house? Anyway, human has decided to detox me off table scraps- freely give or rightfully taken. Which means, I am suffering! Anyway, human also decided that I need to go on more walks with her.

But I digress...

Human, err..stupid human, left out the TV tray being used to hold the popcorn bowl during family movie night. Little human spilled some popcorn out on to the table and the scent, yes that DAMN SCENT, always gets me in trouble.  I noticed it after the popcorn bowl had been removed from the scene of the crime aka the living room. So when human went to bed, I knocked over the tv tray only to find the scent, no real popcorn.  But the scent, yes that DAMN SCENT, was enough to make this crime solving, Sherlock Holmes loving basset hound go to town.  Before you know it, I had ated the area where the popcorn and butter flavor had landed. Not my fault!

So, anyway, I gotted in trouble. It is the human's fault because of her and her crazy detox/no table scraps for me decision. 

Hey, guess what HUMAN, the best is yet to still have a kitchen table, don't ya? For now, anyway!