Tuesday, September 29, 2009

A typical basket hound day...

Today my human decided it was time to decorate for Halloween.  It is her favorite holiday. Of course, I helped in my many ways.  I walked her out to the storage house for the decorations and then proceeded to stand RIGHT UP UNDER HER as she pushed and pulled storage boxes around the small area.  I also provided quality entertainment during her entire time in the backyard.  I sang/howled to the birds, kitties, passing cars, garbage men, poodle colony behind our house, and squirrels. Ah yes, the squirrels.

Once we started going through the boxes and boxes of scarecrows, pumpkins and scary stuff, I helped pull it out of the boxes then run around the backyard.  Some of those things were even scary for me, so naturally, I showed them just WHO THE BOSS is around here and barked those decorations right back into the box.

I know the human appreciated it so much, she just closed the boxes back so we could do this all over again tomorrow.

I am so helpful.