Monday, September 28, 2009

Are you serious?????

News Flash:  Mama Human made me a ballet tutu. She actually sat down for four hours and handcrafted a ballet tutu for me.  When she was trying it on me for measurement, I was fairly sure it was for the 5 year old human, seeing as we both have the same girth. But nooooooo, it is for me.  She made it in Tinkerbelle green so I could be a fairy for Howlaween.  Do I look like I would want to be a freaking fairy? Do I look like I enjoy ballet? Howllllllllllllllll no!

What is her deal? It's bad enough that I have to entertain these humans on a daily basis but I seriously doubt I need costumes and dress ups to do so.

That's okay.  I know of a cats that would love to attack this frilly crap!!  I just need to find that catnip spray.