Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Guess Who's Back...

It is true. Another year, another adventure is upon me.

To say I took a sabbatical would be an understatement. While resting from the computer, I have been very busy studying the art of human behavior. It is intriguing.

My little hoomans are bigger now. They have developed a sense of purpose and seem to be thriving at the ways of soccer, education, and the serious addiction known as Minecraft. I observe from my recliner and find it odd that they stare blankly forward, punching these little blocks around the screen.

I am bored.

To give you a very brief update, the hoomans, especially the lead female, has been very busy tending to  "others", being my assistant Phoebe and her annoying little pet, Bruiser aka The Chupacabra. As the years have progressed, these two geriatric roommates had become very needy.

I liked to use the Chupacabra as a pillow.

I must admit, it has smelled like prune juice and anger for the past two years.

Sadly, both crossed the Rainbow Bridge these past few months.

First it was The Chupacabra. He appeared to have lost his eyesight, followed by a hip dislocation. The pain was unbearable to both him and my hooman. I told him goodbye and the hooman left the house crying with him, then came back without him.
The day before he left us. The hooman carried him around in blanket and loved on him constantly.

Then the poodle, my former assistant (she had retired), became both blind and deaf. I had to help her get around the house but that too was unbearable to watch. The hooman carried her, held her often in her lap, and finally three weeks ago, the hooman again could no longer bear the pain and weakness that the poodle was experiencing. It was heart breaking, but she too crossed the Rainbow Bridge. She left in a blanket and returned home, two week later, in a small urn.
Time to rest, little one.

Saying goodbye to Phoebe, my assistant. 

The hoomans, especially the lead male, cried for days.

So, as you can tell, it has been a hard last year.

But I'm hear to tell you something...things are getting a little wild, a little younger, a little more joyous in their lives...

and of course, I have everything to do with it.

Signing off for now with more information as it unfolds,

Abbie the Basket Hound