Sunday, January 3, 2010

Bath Day

I don't mind bath day so much. It is kinda fun to see the human and little humans making over me, brushing me, and giving me a warm water massage with the sprayer thingie. BUT...bath day when it is cold outside STINKS! And here is why...

When I get a bath, I do the usually shake and tumble post bath routine. I run around the house at full speed, jumping on beds, sofa, and anything that can take my weight plus velocity. The little humans ALWAYS chase me. It is fun, it is a game. The chase always ends up with the human opening the backdoor and the little humans chasing me outside to run around freely among MY backyard.

Here is the problem...IT IS COLD!!!  Do they really think I am willing to do the shake, rattle and roll then head outdoors for my rampant run. I don't think so. So, I am protesting the bath today. I had rather stink than be exposed to what could be at 30 seconds of the back yard chase. No way, not gonna do it.

'Nuff said.