Thursday, August 27, 2009

A day in the life of a Basket Hound

My life is so exciting, I just gotta write about it.

My name is Abbie. I am a Basset Hound.

It's not easy being a Basset Hound. I get sympathy all the time. Why? Well, I have these adorable, droopy eyes. People say, "Oh, she looks so sad!" or "Look at that depressed hound dog." Well, let me tell ya, I got it made. I am not sad or depressed. I am bitchy but hey, I am a dog as well as a female so that is not a insult, only a factual, linguistically correct sentiment.

I belong to these humans who think the entire house revolves around me. And well, they are correct. It does! I wake them up in the morning for my morning activities including chasing any stray cats from MY backyard. Clearing the table for MY breakfast and then claiming MY chair in order to get the best seat to watch the morning news.

I require a minimum of 20 hours of sleep daily, however, because of the demands from my humans, I can survive on 16 hours with 4 hours of pampered affection.

I love to sing especially in the middle of the night. I connect with my inner wolf and howl at the moon, the stars, the cats, the fence, the trees, and anything else I can to gain the attention of my humans. 3:00am is my favorite time of the night.

I live with two dogs. One is a black lab. She is older than dirt and actually tries to power play me when it comes to food. Age never overrules youth and vitality, but she does gain the sympathy of the humans. I also live with a poodle-terrier mix. I call her the POO-ter. She doesn't much like that nickname from me. She is older than the lab so I guess she was around during creation to give God someone to keep him company. She usually leaves me alone, and I her. She actually has soft poodle hair so sometimes, when no one is looking, I cuddle with her.

Then there are my humans. I live with four humans. I own four humans. The man is my buddy. He and I like to drink beer on occasion, although I find beer gives me gas. Oh, how I love to clear the room after a good brew.

The woman thinks I am a baby. She bathes me once a week to keep my coat fresh and clean. She drives me crazy and insist I sleep with her at night. She loves to cuddle me. I do it because I know she will forgive any indiscretions I decide to perform around the house.

The two little humans are fun to own. Once they realized their place and role in my life, they came to the realization that they exist for me, not I for them. It is a good arrangement.

So, join me as I blog about my life.